WackyMath may be the ultimate catalyst to renewed learning !!

  What's with WackyMath? (Does Math really have to be boring?)

Welcome to the incredible, wonderful, wacky world of WackyMath!  WackyMath is a progressive learning program that starts during the Early Development Years.  There are 4 levels of WackyMath (Pre-K, Simple, Advanced and Einstein's Twist).  Pre-K WackyMath introduces a child to simple numbers and basic math functions.  At this stage of learning we introduce soft linen cards with large colorful numbers so that the child can begin learning by recognizing shapes and sounds.   Each card contains an embedded voice recording so that eventually the child recognizes numbers and functions with the corresponding math sounds.  

Simple WackyMath, on the other hand,  is a  simple yet challenging, educational but fun, competitive yet cooperative card game for elementary school students 8+.   Simple WackyMath is ideal for classroom teaching, home schooling and as a fun family game.  Parents, teachers, grandparents, university students and even senior citizens can all contribute to the learning experience by encouraging children to share the joys of WackyMath with them.

Advanced WackyMath is aimed at secondary and high school students (14+).  It introduces basic algebra, enhances the learning experience and adds to the fun factor of the game.  Advanced WackyMath is challenging yet fun and pits one developing mind against the other.  Strategy is the name of the game with Advanced WackyMath!

For an even more twisted and challenging version of the game we are now introducing Einstein's Twist  which puts a whole new spin on the game.  Einstein's Twist is our most challenging version of the game and is intended for those players who have mastered Advanced WackyMath skills.  We've also just begun to discover another need for WackyMath and will be introducing a new version of the game aimed specifically at early stage Alzheimer's patients.  

Our final wish for our adventure is to eventually make the game available online and reach out to students, parents, teachers and caregivers around the world.  And once all that is finished, we have plans for online tutorial versions of WackyMath that will measure each student's progression through the learning process while continually providing them with as much fun as we can possibly put together.  And you thought math was boring?  Let me tell you, there's a new whole world  of fun and learning out there that kids have never been introduced to.  And WackyMath might just be the catalyst that puts these kids on the right path to learning.  

 WackyMath has a multitude of learning levels, the cards are easy to read, the game is educational and WackyMath can be an absolute blast. The aim of Simple WackyMath is to bring the fun back to math, eliminate the redundancy of the times tables, teach basic math skills including adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  Advanced WackyMath introduces basic algebra skills and enhances the fun factor of the game.

WackyMath is a real fun family game that just happens to offer educational benefits from early childhood development through elementary, high school and even university levels of learning.  It exercises the brain, makes learning a whole lot of fun and engages the entire family.  The more you play, the more you learn.  The more you learn, the more WackyMath fun you have !!




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